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A unique event!

There is no need to talk about the success running has met for the past decades. And there is no need to talk about the fact that more and more urban dwellers are looking to escape the city to find some oxygen, establish a connection with nature and feel better in their own bodies. Trail running has the answers to all these desires, which gives it a true advantage on other sport disciplines.
Most citizens do not know about trail running, but with the growing media exposure of these events, discovering trail running is becoming more and more tempting.
The EcoTrail® is a great solution, as it is an event occurring within the city. New participants also benefit from the fact that their first experience is supervised by officials who help them discover the specificities of the races and enjoy their time, all while respecting the values that define trail running. All the ingredients of a successful race are already there for them. EcoTrail® events avoid high technicality so that nothing prevents new runners from discovering the discipline and trying to become finishers.
Taking part in an EcoTrail® means joining the great family of responsible trail runners who want to practice their discipline on the different courses of big European cities.