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Winners on the road!

The first objective of the EcoTrail® is to let everyone discover various destinations through trail running on a wide range of distances. Yet some elite athletes also take part in the EcoTrail® to challenge themselves and to try and achieve podium success in foreign events.

Several elite athletes have had the chance to run against foreign participants in the 80km trails of various European EcoTrail® events since the concept was born. 

Among these famous athletes, we can find Emmanuel GAULT, historical winner of the EcoTrail Paris® who then went twice to Oslo and Stockholm in 2017, where he reached the 1st place twice and the 2nd place once. His partner, Sylvaine CUSSOT, also went to Stockholm where she finished 1st in 2017 after winning in Paris in 2016. 

We can also find Simone MORBELLI (winner in Paris then in Madrid), Jasmin NUNIGE (winner in Paris and in Funchal in 2017) and many more.

The EcoTrail® also welcomed international athletes who came to challenge themselves on our courses, and we are very thankful to them: Gediminas GRINIUS, Julien CHORIER, Fabien ANTOLINOS, Sylvain COURT etc.

In 2018, we should have several champions facing each other, including Didrik HERMANSEN who will run against the EcoTrail® Paris’ historical winner, Emmanuel GAULT, after Didrik beat Emmanuel in 2017 at home in Norway.