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ETI - Challenge digitial 2021 / GPDR


Article 1: Protection of personal data




RUN FOR YOU adheres to the protection of personal data and is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal data in compliance with EU regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 for the protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (hereinafter “GDPR”), particularly by taking all the necessary precautions to prevent the distortion and damaging of such data and to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing them.




When registering to a sporting event organized by RUN FOR YOU, the client is informed and agrees that their personal data are going to be:




(i)               collected on the website NJUKO owned by RUN FOR YOU




(ii)              processed by RUN FOR YOU as the entity responsible for the processing in accordance with the GDPR and by NJUKO as its subcontractor.






1.1 Identity of the entity responsible for the processing




The identity and details of the entity responsible for the processing of personal data are as follows: RUN FOR YOU register under unique identification number IVA/VAT NO. 513 851 246 RCS Nanterre and headquartered at 33, rue du Général Leclerc 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, with contact email:




Your personal data are collected by RUN FOR YOU, SARL (“Company with limited liability”) or simplified joint-stock company) registered under the unique identification number 513 851 246 RCS Nanterre and headquartered at 33, rue du Général Leclerc 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, with contact email:




1.2 Collected data and information




The data we collect are:




  Data required for the registration to a sporting event organized by RUN FOR YOU:


Upon registration, you will need to provide mandatory information identified by an asterisk on the website: last name, first name, birth date, gender, nationality, email address, mobile phone number, mailing address, language, information of the person to contact in case of incident during a race (last name, first name, phone number), jersey size, medical certificate for competition capability.


This list may change depending on the legal, technical or organizational constraints from RUN FOR YOU.




  Optional data:


Upon registration, you will have the possibility to provide other data that are not mandatory to your registration (name of your club, landline phone number etc.).


Moreover, RUN FOR YOU may ask you to answer to one or several satisfaction surveys after the sporting event, which may lead us to collect additional data, such as: level of sport practice, consumption habits, socio-professional category, hobbies, events attendance, equipment used etc.




  Data regarding payment:


Upon registration, banking service provider will collect and process data regarding your payment method (credit card number, expiration date and visual cryptogram (not kept) etc.). The data provided with your payment method upon registration are encrypted by a security system and remain encrypted when they are moved around network.  banking service provider never shares the data regarding your payment method with us.




  Technical data:


We may collect some technical data, such as your connection data and IP address, in compliance with the applicable legislation, to use various technologies such as Cookies if need be, and only with your agreement.


No sensitive data, such as information regarding racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, philosophical or religious beliefs, union membership etc., will be collected (article 9 of the GDPR).




1.3 Processing purposes




RUN FOR YOU processes and uses your personal data in order to:




-    Manage and validate registrations to sporting events organized by RUN FOR YOU,


-    Manage the provision of information to the participant via email and/or text message regarding the event they registered to (confirmation of the reception of the registration request, confirmation of the validation or rejection of the registration, information regarding the sporting event, information regarding the results etc.).


-    Send satisfaction surveys produced for scientific and statistical purposes (through polls and questionnaires);


-    Produce statistical surveys;


-    Provide information regarding the offers and activities of RUN FOR YOU and related types of services.


-    Send emails or text messages to inform you about sporting events organized by RUN FOR YOU or by a third party organizer that may interest you.


-    Share data with our preferred partners (industrial, media, institutional) for promotional offers, advertising or any other form of commercial communication (subject to prior agreement from you when required and always respecting your right of opposition, in compliance with the applicable regulation regarding commercial prospection).




1.4 Data storage




Your data is stored during the required period of time depending on the purposes previously mentioned.


Your data will be deleted if you do not answer to any of our solicitations for three years. However, we may store your data over a longer period of time in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations or in order to resolve disputes.




1.5 Data recipients




Personal data collected upon online registration may be communicated to:




      internal services of RUN FOR YOU (administrative staff, employees and other officers);


      Service providers and contractual partners of RUN FOR YOU that directly operate in the management of registrations and in the organization of the sporting event (timekeeper, bib maker, company in charge of medical assistance etc.);


      Preferred partners of RUN FOR YOU (industrial, media, institutional), with your agreement only, in order to offer products and/or services, or with commercial prospection and/or advertising communication purposes.




RUN FOR YOU requires its service providers and partners to implement strict confidentiality and data protection methods.




If you explicitly agreed to it during the registration process by clicking the corresponding box, you may receive phone calls, mail, emails or text messages with promotional offers from our business partners that your data may be shared with and supplied to. Either way, you can use your right of opposition at any time, under the conditions specified hereinafter.




By choosing to take part in the sporting event, participants recognize and agree that:




-    Their first and last name appear on the official starting list published on the website https://;


-    after the sporting event, information regarding their sporting performance (including results, pictures and videos) be published on the website, said results being liable to be used by any media.




If you wish to oppose such publication for a legitimate reason, you must communicate your decision in writing to our subcontractor at the following address: RUN FOR YOU – Traitement des données personnelles EcoTrail Challenge -33 rue du général Leclerc – 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, one month after the sporting event at the latest, so that appropriate measures can be taken.




Outside the conditions specified hereinabove, RUN FOR YOU commits not to use your personal data for selling, renting and supplying purposes, or to grant access to your data to a third party, without prior agreement from you, unless being forced to for a legitimate reason (legal obligation, fight against fraud, application of defense rights etc.).




Some of the recipients mentioned hereinabove may be established outside the European Union and be granted access to all or part of your personal information collected by RUN FOR YOU.


You explicitly agree that your data may be transferred to service providers or partners outside the European Union.




Within this framework, RUN FOR YOU commits to ensuring the protection of your data in compliance with the strictest rules, including the case-by-case signing of contractual clauses based on the template provided by the European Commission, or any other mechanism in compliance with the GDPR, as soon as your personal data begin to be processed by a service provider located outside the European Economic Area and which country is not considered by the European Commission as providing an appropriate level of protection.




1.6 Commercial offers




RUN FOR YOU may send you, via mail, emails, text messages or phone calls, information about their offers and services related to those you already purchased, which you recognize and agree to.


You have the right to oppose these commercial prospection solicitations at any time and for free, under the conditions specified hereinafter.




1.7 Rights of the concerned person




In compliance with the terms laid out in the revised version of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, and the GDPR, the persons concerned by the processed personal data have a right of access, rectification and deletion of the data concerning them, as well as a right of limitation and opposition to the processing and moving of their personal data. They also have a right of opposition to the processing of their personal data for commercial prospection purposes from RUN FOR YOU and/or its partners.




These rights must be exercised via email at:




Pursuant to Article 12.6 of the GDPR, RUN FOR YOU can, in case of reasonable doubt concerning the identity of the natural person making the request, ask for additional information in order to confirm the identity of this person.




Pursuant to Article 12.3 of the GDPR, RUN FOR YOU commits to providing the information on the measures taken after a request concerning the above-mentioned rights as soon as practicable and at all events, within a one month period as of the day of reception of the request.




If you do not/no longer want to receive our offers, solicitations or newsletters, you are also able to let us know by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each communication.




If you do not want to receive newsletters, invitations or promotional offers from our partners, you are also able to let us know during registration by clicking the corresponding box.




Please note that you can sign up to the “Bloctel” call blocking list if you do not want to receive promotional phone calls (


Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint before the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés). For more information, please visit




1.8 Contact




For any other question regarding our data protection policy or the way your personal data is processed, please send a letter to: RUN FOR YOU, Traitement des données personnelles d’EcoTrail Challenge –– 33 rue du général Leclerc – 92130 Issy les Moulineaux, or an email to:








1.9 Amendment to the present rules




The present rules may be subject to amendments. These changes will come into effect as of the publication of the new version of this document on the website