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A year of EcoTrail®

In 2017, 7 EcoTrail® events took place in Europe from March to November. They gathered more than 24,000 runners and hikers on their courses. Among them is Jacques.


Jacques is a long time EcoTrail® runner. Hailing from the French Savoie region, he ran all existing 80km EcoTrail® events in 2017 at 54 years old. That is more than 560km in total.

Jacques had already been to several destinations (Oslo, Paris or Brussels), but it is the first time that a participant tries to achieve such a challenge. And of course, he will be back on all 9 EcoTrail® events in Europe in 2018!

Also, we must not forget Hervé, the EcoTrail® Paris races head director, who had the chance to take part in 6 of the 7 existing EcoTrail® events in 2017, sharing many kilometers with Jacques.

We would like to congratulate him for his performance and thank him for his trust.