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Paris firefighters are traveling Europe

A firefighters association from Paris is traveling Europe to accompany children suffering from disabilities on various EcoTrail® races.

The Pompiers Raid Adventure firefighters, an association from Paris created in 2000, have been accompanying disabled children on urban and steep nature courses. These children were able to discover the courses on all-terrain chairs.

The EcoTrail® is proud to share the same values as this association: CONVIVIALITY & SOLIDARITY are the two key words that help these teams of trail runners to achieve their goals.

We are glad that this project crossed paths with the EcoTrail Paris® a few years ago, as it was the beginning of a lovely relationship with a supportive team that joined our events several times, as well as events in Brussels (2015), Oslo (2015), Funchal (2015) and Madrid (2016).

We are sure they will be back soon to discover one of the new destinations of the EcoTrail®.

We are more than grateful for this relationship.


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