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"EcoTrail Brussels was magical"

Lesley, 42 years old, ran her first EcoTrail in Brussels 7th September 2019. She told us her experience. 

What did you choose to run the EcoTrail Brussels?

I chose the Ecotrail Brussels because I live nearby. However I didn’t know the Zoniënwoud [forest at the southeast edge of Brussels where the EcoTrail takes place] very well... In combination with the ecomessage, I chose this one.

What's your best memory on the race?

Running up a little but very steep hill to arrive at the Hippodrome in the pouring rain... Magical! 

What's your prefered part of the course?

From start to finish :) ... no dull parts whatsoever.

Could you sum up your experience in one word?


If you have one, what's your next EcoTrail challenge?

I would like to try to run an Ecotrail abroad. I've a slightly preference for the Nordic options like Oslo or Stockholm. But for next year I will run again in Brussels but a longer distance...I would like to see the Waterloo lion :)