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Firefighters with a big heart

Jérôme, 45, is the chairman of the Pompier Raid Aventure association, which he founded 20 years ago. He agreed to answer a few questions about the association, his experience with the EcoTrail and the 1st edition of the EcoTrail Wicklow, which he will be running on Saturday, September 28th.

How would you describe the Pompier Raid Aventure association? What are the main values you defend?

First of all, the Pompier Raid Aventure association is a big family with a specific goal: make children happy. We run to promote the fact that “differences” do not exist. Children with reduced mobility are runners just like anyone else. The wear a bib and they earn a medal at the end of each race.

What type of event(s) do you take part in? How do you choose each event?

We take part in various types of races: 10km trails, 5km trails, Ultra trails, road races or even marathons. We choose each event collectively, by consulting each member of our association during general meetings.

You take part in various EcoTrail events throughout Europe. What do you like in the EcoTrail concept?

We like the race formats, the chance to discover major cities and the concept of green running.

How many EcoTrail events did you participate in? What made you choose these destinations?

We took part in EcoTrail events in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavik and Funchal Madeira Island. Our objective is to take part in each and every existing EcoTrail using a joëlette, an off-road wheelchair. It’s a great way to boost the daily lives of these kids and to offer them an amazing experience.

Why did elect to participate in the 1st edition of EcoTrail Wicklow? What motivated you to go there?

It’s the first edition of this EcoTrail and we want to combine natural and urban sightseeing with running.

Who are you taking with you? Who is in your team?

We are taking two kids with us: Manelle, who lives in Poissy and Léandre who lives in Nantes. We were also supposed to go with Rufus, but he left us in July. He will be running with us in our hearts. In total, there will be 9 runners, 1 cameraman/photographer, 1 logistics manager, Manelle’s mom and Léandre’s dad, as well as Rufus’ mom and big brother.

To learn more about the association, click here